9 Ways to Woo a Witch

So you wanna woo a witchy chick, but you’re not sure where to start. Let me help you out: she probably won’t be impressed with traditional red roses or dinner-and-a-movie. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with those things, but they’re just not where it’s at. Not for her.

See, witchy chicks are deep. They’re in tune with the movement of the stars and the movement of their souls. They know what they want and they concoct spells to achieve or attain it. They know how they feel and they write about it. And they know their own power… so none of that macho sh*t, thanks.

Yes. Yes, I know that I’m making blanket statements. Not every “witchy chick” fits this description, but it’s a solid generalization so we’re just gonna go with it. You can’t cover everybody. *shrug*

Let’s start with the basics.

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